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The reason, why your inner peace is so important

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I’m a walking mentor helping my clients to become a personal brand or develop their marketing.We practice the process while pilgriming. Pilgrimage is the way to find your higher self, while hiking in nature. And what do the customers buy from you?
Correct: Yourself. You are the product. How do you market yourself? Come into my training as a success creator. We do not sit in stuffy seminar rooms we go out in the nature. I’m mentoring you whole year while you develop or expand your personal brand. You’ll learn all the tools you need to succeed. Become a success dramaturg and study the pilgrim method of marketing by Jana Wieduwilt. Please apply now.

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The journey towards
an attractive
employer brand

Can it be also realized in Dresden? Or in Lauchhammer? Of Course! But how does appreciation work in a team whose unifying element is self-determination?

Everybody in our Wieduwilt Team is
adventurous, independent and has high self-imposed standards as …

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