Are you ready to hand over your company right now? Could you hand over keys, passwords, bank details, cups and watering can now – and I mean handing it over to your successor NOW in this second, could your company continue to run smoothly? Are your company processes obvious and structured?

A company is well positioned if it could immediately be handed over to its successor today. Because that means that processes are documented, transparent, there are clear structures. How do you organize your customer files, for example? How do you organize internal processes? How does your workflow work automatically? Is there an internal logic in your company that is logical and understandable for everyone, not just for you? Are you able to work anywhere? Do you know where you want to go What are sales goals? Which customers do you want? Do your employees know that too?

Is your marketing suitable for increasing the company value of your company? Is it geared towards establishing a long-term brand that consists of more than just the graphic appearance? Or do you think operationally, at short intervals? Take some sales with you quickly, offer something there. Swim along here. The image of handing over the company to your successor is a good tool for deciding on marketing measures and investments.


Can you hand over your company to your successor today?

Would the step you are planning now serve to make your company ready for the successor?