It’s 2:48 am Balinese time and I can’t get a story out of my head that I’ve read. It’s pitch dark, well, not entirely. The moon is there and is briefly reflected in the now black water before the waves break. I sit here and enjoy life.

It’s Bali and I’m making a pilgrimage tonight. That I allow myself to do this is also due to the fact that we are in a very pleasant hotel and that we are inconspicuously, but certainly well guarded. Here everything is set up to come down and switch on the chill mode. I just did. It is now the end of the day in Germany and nobody is awake here yet.

The water of the sea is just coming back and is taking the black beach with it. Black beach. Interesting. When I saw that for the first time, I had to take the sand in my hand because I couldn’t believe that there was such a thing. And now I’m sitting here being amazed about life and especially what gifts it has presented for me.

The sea sends strength and inspiration and reminds me of the story I read from Jorge Bucay. It tells something like this: A king was rich and had everything you can imagine. Everything at its finest. And yet he was always in a bad mood, felt bad and was grouchy. I would say: The edges of the mouth all the way down.

The king had a servant who woke him up every day and helped with the morning chores. The servant, a poor man from the village, was always in such a good mood that it was a pleasure to watch him. He happily went to the king’s hand, had a little song on his lips, and often there was a bright laugh. The king asked the servant: “Why are you in such a good mood?” “The sun is shining, I can work here. Why should I complain? ”Asked the servant in astonishment and whistled a new song.

The king did not let go of this and he asked his grand vizier. The sage knew immediately what was going on: “He is not yet part of the club of 99.” In short: the two of them came up with a plan and hung a sack of 99 gold coins on the servant’s door in the evening. The man found the pouch, made sure there was no one who owned it, sat in his house, and counted. He counted again. And again. “It can’t be, it has to be a mistake. Where’s the 100th coin? ”He started calculating. In seven years he would have made the 100th coin.


But if his wife also worked in the village, they could have done it in 5 years. “Then I can retire,” thought the servant. He continued to calculate. And calculated and calculated. And then the same train of pain had nested at the edges of his mouth. He had entered the club and was worried. Always in the future, not in the now. The king, by the way, had soon dismissed the servant because he was always in a bad mood.


The moral of the story?


Think for yourself. Do you belong to the Club of the 99? And if so, what prevents you from enjoying the 99 coins you already have? Now? If you want to leave the club at least temporarily, take the first step and make an inventory. Honestly. Look at what you have right now. Are you already in the YOU-mode with your business? Is it stable in the long term?

And then, then the edges of your mouth loosen and lift themselves up. You forget the 100th coin and you can simply smile with a carefree smile!

Where are you now? What is your status quo?