The network researcher Harald Katzmair from Austria has inspired me to write this article. We have been in business with Wieduwilt Kommunikation for several years. For almost 14 years, we serve municipalities in marketing.

Do you know what the most common sentence we heard during this time was? “Our city is difficult, different, complicated.” Of course! Every city, every business is difficult and luckily different.  How boring would our world be, if all cities and regions would be the same? Then everyone would only live in “the city” – everything would be the same, uniform and boring. The difference of the city marketing is the salt in the soup. In Germany we would say: “It is our daily bread”. Our living. When we approach a city marketing process, we first look at the city’s self-esteem. Are you proud of your city? Do you love it? Is your own city something of VALUE for you? Without self-esteem, without the inhabitants as ambassadors of their city, city marketing is impossible. Katzmair is so right. Therefore, the first investment can basically only be one in your own self-worth as a city.

How do you do that, you ask? If everything is looked at negatively? The view from the outside helps! I would like to tell you more about this in a telephone call or in person in a talk with you. I am looking forward to your feedback.

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