Marketing im DU-Modus

You always do your best. Aren't we all doing that?

And yet you sometimes have the feeling that it is not enough? The company could be even more effective and strategically better positioned?

Echt Jetzt?! The mixture of systematically structured specialist knowledge and light-footed stories make up the very special value and meaning of this book. It is your guide to greater entrepreneurial and thus personal success. At the same time, it serves as a working material to be used immediately in practice. The entrepreneurial personality as a core element plays a crucial role. Ultimately it depends on you as an entrepreneur in particular.

Authentic, so very REAL! The best time to start is NOW.

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Legendary marketing for small cities.

This book shows that anything is possible for small towns today.

Jana Wieduwilt specializes in accompanying small cities on their way to authentic city marketing and making them successful. For you as a decision maker in your city, this means: satisfaction in the retail trade, companies that are committed, a city with people who are happy to dedicate themselves to volunteering, fully booked hotels, guests who feel good and talk about it, and residents who could never imagine moving away willingly. Coming soon!.

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