Do not walk underneath a ladder, that brings bad luck! The chimney sweeper brings luck! Black cat – depending on the region: luck or misfortune. Clean smells like citrus freshness. Or chlorine?


Never put your bag on the floor! That brings misfortune. There is fish on Friday. And on Sundays the Sunday roast, on Mondays pasta.


You have to work hard to be successful. Only the rich can travel a lot. Only those who are always available will make it. The top 10,000 remain among themselves. Hiking is exhausting.


Working anywhere is not possible. Well, the recent past has shown otherwise.


Do I need to continue?


I am quite sure that you can think of at least five other superstitious beliefs or rules. A sticker I recently found on one of my pilgrimage tours inspired me to write this article. It says: Break the Fake Rules.


Because how many fake rules, how many rules, do we actually have in our heads that are no longer valid or that simply stem from incorrect or unfortunate traditions? Break the fake rules! Good point.


Or why exactly do you think you have to work hard in order to be successful? Is what you work so hard for evenl YOUR success? Or are there ancient beliefs and educational or cultural patterns that you carry around with you that are no longer valid?


Such as the different perception of smells that imply cleanliness. In Spain, for example, it is considered clean if it smells properly of chlorine.


In Germany, citrus is more popular and we find smelling rooms to be clean. Both, mind you, regardless of the actual degree of cleanliness. Interesting, isn’t it? And again a clear indication of how much our subconscious has us under control.


Therefore here in this chapter the violent and unchecked exclamation to you: Break the fake rules! Also in marketing.

Just because “everyone” is on Facebook doesn’t make your marketing any better if your customers aren’t there. I think that the saying goes: “Everyone said that you can’t do it. Until someone came who didn’t know – and he just did it. “

My impulse to you today: Pretend that you didn’t know it.


What does success mean to you?

What is what your success is – and what do you do for your ego, your relatives, out of a wrong sense of duty or just because “everyone” does it?

How often do you say: “That’s just what MAN does?”