Business … what? Pilgrims? What does it mean?It means finding the path to yourself, your business model, your marketing and the customers / prospects you want for your company, your city and your region. With me, Jana Wieduwilt and our team at your side!

Pilgrimages can be really hard, an adventure, exciting and exhausting. You will cross mountains and overcome lonely routes. Sometimes it will get wonderful, other times it will get really caustic or you lose sight of your goal. Then I am here for you, Jana Wieduwilt.

I won’t carry you up the mountain I won’t carry your backpack either. But I can show you what you what you should take with you, how to find YOUR way and how it might be easier. Check in and apply for a pilgrimage year!

Many thanks to Bettina Hielscher for this wonderful assessment of a pilgrimage in Löwenstein (Baden-Württemberg):

“Pilgrimage with Jana was very enriching for me. I felt very comfortable with her and we got into conversation easily. The longer we hiked, the deeper the topics became. Automatically, more and more thoughts came to light, even those who exposed my insecurities, doubts and fears which I have on my way. Jana listened openly and asked questions, gave breaks, gave valuable impulses and asked questions that made me think. She encouraged me where I thought I was standing on shaky ground and stood by as a guide for myself, showing me the way, when I lost my orientation. The assessment defused my thoughts and showed me new perspectives. She shared her own story so that I could learn from her experiences ,

I met a down-to-earth, warm and loving woman who walks her way in an impressive way. Jana accompanied me part of my way – in the truest sense of the word – and encouraged and inspired me to go on my own way again. I highly recommend a pilgrimage with her!

Thank you very much for that!

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