A company that has successfully helped hundreds of companies, institutions and regions to succeed since 2006. Practically in all areas from classic branding to the entire area of media planning and campaign implementation. The advantage? We have already done everything that we recommend in strategic marketing mentoring. Assume that the mentoring shows that a poster campaign is the means of choice: Then we look for the right call-to-action that should be on the poster, but also that the poster is easy to read if you do drive past the street.

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Marketing is more than advertising, although many people equate marketing with advertising. Marketing is everything that helps you to operate in the market, i.e. to sell your products and services. Marketing Consulting includes

  • Product development (e.g. which product is in demand at all? Which product actually fulfills a customer benefit?)
  • Pricing (e.g. what price can we take for our service? How do you determine the added value that you create for your customers?)
  • Sales (e.g. How do the products get to the customers? Which sales channels are there for your company?)
  • Communication (e.g. How do you tell your customer? Where does he receive your message? How does the message have to be packaged so that it arrives?)
If you have a company, are  a sole proprietor or managing owner, if you have something to sell and are not satisfied with your sales, profits, time budget, we can help. If you have capacity or too much work, we can help.

There are a number of ways you can work with us to advance your business when it comes to your advertising and marketing. Have a look at our services:

  • Marketing workout (online)
  • 4-week mentoring: what to do if you don’t know what to do. (online)
  • Walking-Mentoring: outdoors and in real life. ½ day marketing mentorship.
  • Private Consulting: Jana accompanies you personally as a VIP customer for a specified period of time.

Many of our new customers feel the same way. We like to explain it like this: Do you know a single Olympic champion, a single soccer team that is there without a coach? Do you know a single (professional) athlete who is without a coach? You are a professional entrepreneur. The goal of your company is to make your customers happy and to generate sustainable profit from your actions.

Your company works for you – not you for the company. For this you need: Customers who buy your products/use your services. Without marketing – no customers. You do marketing sometimes, like the casual jogger who does his exercise just-for-fun and occasionally does a run at the weekend. However, even in the best condition, he will never have a chance to go into the professional area and make a living from his sport. Unless he makes a decision to become a professional, to find a mentor, trainer and/or consultant – and then to work towards the Olympics. That is the plan. And we are there to accompany you in your personal/professional and financial freedom in your definition. We don’t do the run for you. We’re not going to train for you either. But we will work out the route with you, prepare the general conditions, have the water bottle ready. And before that, before we start your run, we’ll see if the Olympic victory really brings you closer to your business/life purpose. It may also be a World Cup. Or the management of the same. You’re not alone. You are confident. You have a consistent, warm and experienced partner at your side, who has already accompanied several Olympic champions in various sports.

We are there when you choose.

If you are looking for someone to walk the path for you, we are out. We help you to find the way, define your goal, choose the right equipment with you, such as hiking boots, backpack and thermos. But we don’t carry you or your backpack. If you don’t do what there is to do, we are not right for you. If you prefer to whine, look at the world with a sad outlook and stay on the couch, then we are not the right partners. If you make a clear decision, for your company, for your freedom, for your success and you know that it is the way, then we are at your side like no other. With heart, empathy, knowledge and practical know-how.

Jana Wieduwilt is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author, walking-mentor and marketing expert. Her goal is freedom – for others and for herself. This personal freedom – as individual as it may look for each client, is the goal of all actions.

The B.Eng (FH) and D.B.A. (TU) grew up in Brandenburg and went unusual ways immediately after studying business administration. Instead of permanent employment, she got to know people by accompanying the ramifications, turns and occasional dead ends of life paths, projects and enthusiasts in the country as a freelance journalist.

Again and again they fascinated the free doers, the positive, optimistic people, the tacklers, the enthusiasts.

Projects soon developed with these very people – in which Jana quickly took on the role of the marketing specialist.

Practically in almost every industry from virtual-medical-practice to coaching, business consultants, tire service, clubs, city administrations, mayors, members of parliament, cosmetic studios, travel agencies, wholesale, tax consultants, counties, medical companies, tourism companies, motorcycle routes, retail stores, cities, manufacturing industries, magicians, LutherPass, regional brands, event agencies, private schools, writers, financial coaches, real estate companies, construction companies up to the traditional club and local politics, the team around Jana Wieduwilt has left strong traces of marketing.

The entrepreneur is the mother of two adult children and now lives mostly on the go traveling. She runs the marketing consulting company Wieduwilt Kommunikation, which she founded in 2006, regardless of location.

She is also breaking new ground in consulting: In addition to many online offerings, Walking-Mentoring is an integral part of her concept.

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Hardly anyone understands entrepreneurs as well as Jana Wieduwilt. Almost 20 years of experience in the industry, in-depth knowledge of all areas, all processes related to marketing: product development, pricing, sales, communication: media, positioning, unique selling point, valuable communication, strategy, online marketing, recommendation marketing, etc.

It’s a move towards success. Outside. You take the first steps alongside your marketing mentor. We are talking about marketing. It is unusual to do this outside of the office. Everyone does their marketing strategy in the office.


You are not like everyone. You are special. Your company is special. And that requires special perspectives and you will NOT get them in your usual environment.

It’s about marketing. What for?

No customers without marketing. No turnover without customers. No long-term existence of your company without sales.

Passionate. Eloquent. Guaranteed.

We are 100% there for you in every session. We always ask you what YOU really want. Because YOU are the goal of our work. Your freedom in your definition is our passion. And our why!

We never let you waste time and money.

We never allow you to go in the wrong direction unless your goal has changed.

If you are a new customer, this is interesting for you: For contracts that are concluded from June 2020, all our consulting services apply: 100% money back, within 14 days of completion, if you are not satisfied with the mentoring, the ideas we’ll give you the money back.

Of course! We even award a commission of up to 20 percent of the total order value (net). The amount of the commission depends on the scope of services and end customers. Just talk to us about it.

Very easily. Because we trust ourselves and you. We trust that with our expertise, our experience and our passion we will make the difference and give your business the Turbo Accelerator Power Boost. Because we know that each of our impulses brings 100 times more value back to your company. And because it’s just an honest, good feeling: for you as a customer and for us as mentors.

We work regardless of location. Since 2018. On the one hand because Jana, as boss, enjoys working wherever she likes, but also because the team and every single employee should and can develop as he likes. We all share a longing for the world. For us it can be in Bad Liebenwerda, Auckland, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Tilburg or Berlin. Depending on your preference. This is how we have been working for a long time: initially with hesitant reasons, with an office and trying to establish solid structures, then more and more courageous and self-confident step by step with more space for everyone and nowadays completely private and professionally free.