Five marketing advices, we can learn from ants!

//Five marketing advices, we can learn from ants!
What does an anthill have to do with marketing?

Not very long ago I found this anthill in Estonia. It was rather me running into it than searching and finding it, you could not really miss it. Once I took a closer look at it I realised how amazing ants are, because they always seem to control the chaos happening around them.

How is that anthill related to marketing ? On first sight, not at all. After taking a closer look, a lot.

Ants are small. Tiny. Yet they are able to build an anthill which is thousands of times their size. What does that tell us?

Ants are following the strategy of working together very closely.

Every task, one could not do by themselves, is turned into a group project.

This technique you can adapt and use to find more or the right customers for your business:

You should try to establish strategic partnerships.

Let’s take a look at an example: You want to sell houses, wouldn’t it be useful to work together with a divorce lawyer? Many houses are sold when couples get a divorce.

Ants seem to be without any structure and coordination.

Why are you not poking into an anthill or even better just sit down in it? What happens? Those little animals start performing at 100% in order to defend their home. What does that mean? They are ready to perform right away,  just in time. You can use this principle for your marketing strategy. By creating the impression of being in a laziness-faire-mode, yet on the inside you are totally aware of the situation and ready to take steps if necessary. If you are using this strategy it can be quite helpful that your competitor is underestimating your capability to react to his campaign.

You know your favourite client, don’t you?

The one client, that is just easy. No problems, everything works pretty much perfectly. The one client, who gives you tasks, which are quite challenging, but also trusts you and your judgement 100%.

Ready for lesson 3?

What is the favourite food of ants? They will find it. In the team. Just as they unerringly tap food sources, you should know exactly who your customer is. Make yourself a clear target image and best a testimonial for your desired customer.

When ants open up new territory, collect building material for the pile and / or seek food, they take the path of least resistance. One ant follows the other until there is a well-trodden path.

Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already there?

Lesson Four: If there are proven ways that others have gone before you, use their knowledge. You do not have to go on an expedition if you have years of experience from others. Should also be called, make it easy for you.

Do not do everything yourself.

Follow the advice of others. Also in marketing. Of course, you should not chip 1: 1, but you could look at strategies of other successful people and adapt the elements from them.

The most valuable thing about the ants is the queen. The heart of the ant colony. It is vital for the swarm. Therefore.

Lesson 5:

Was ist your MVP (most valuable part)?

In the business context. What is the heart of your business? Do you know that? What makes you unique? It is important to preserve and protect, but above all to communicate.

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