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Can you imagine a small town in Illinois, USA? We have been there a couple of years ago, driving through Illinois from Chicago.

American towns are different than German ones. Most towns in America consist of wide roads, single buildings spread quite far from one another, and they most significantly do not posess a traditional town center as we know it in Europe. What is the secret to the success of this specific town of 2700 inhabitants? How did they achieve to be such a unique tourist hotspot.

You can reach the town within 3 hours from Chicago and 2 hours from St. Louis. The town goes by the name of Casey. There is not really anything special about this town, besides a yearly Popcorn-Festival on Labour Day. What or maybe who makes the difference?  The entrepreneur Jim Bolin. Jim Bolin’s main profession is the oil-business and his hobby is saving cities. I not quite sure if he was aware of  the istagrammability of his action, but one thing is for sure his actions are working. Years ago he started placing XXL everyday objects all around town. Some of the objects that were placed, are huge Dutch wood-shoes, the world biggest rocking chair and an extremely large pencil.

These actions created 12 entries into the Guinness book of world records for the town and along with them world fame. It did not take long until the first visitors wanted to see those XXL-items in person. The town used the marketing for themselves and is now know as the small town with a big heart. I like that a lot, but what does that mean for city and town marketing? The combination of passion, crazy ideas, and the use and support of innovative citizens are important puzzle pieces towards a successful town marketing. How does it work in your town or city? Do not hesitate to send me your project, I love inspirational approaches for town marketing! For now, here is Casey, Illinois:

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