Kleine Schritte mit großer Wirkung

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Wir sind begeistert von dieser Aktion aus Löhne. Da werden gleich zwei Fliegen, äh Herausforderungen mit einer Dose gefangen. Denn die Mülleimer, die die Stadt neu installiert hat, sollen nun ins farbenfrohe bunt und damit ganz kräftig in den Fokus der Menschen gerückt werden. Sprayer dürfen ganz offiziell ihre Kunst an den Alltagsgegenständen verewigen und damit das Thema Müll aus der grauen Schmuddelecke hinein ins Licht holen. Die Sprayer sind glücklich, Stadtmarketing und Müllabfuhr freuen sich. Und natürlich auch Löhner und Gäste, die eine saubere Stadt vorfinden. Wir sagen: Daumen hoch für diese feine Idee mit reinigender Wirkung.


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May 13th, 2020|

A few months ago I was in Prenzlau, in the beautiful Uckermark. I held a public relations workshop there. On my hiking tour, in the morning, I came across this bookcase. Inside of it: Works of world literature by Dumas, [...]

Break the fake rules

May 13th, 2020|

Do not walk underneath a ladder, that brings bad luck! The chimney sweeper brings luck! Black cat - depending on the region: luck or misfortune. Clean smells like citrus freshness. Or chlorine?   Never put your bag on the floor! [...]

Are you within the club of the 99?

May 13th, 2020|

It's 2:48 am Balinese time and I can't get a story out of my head that I've read. It's pitch dark, well, not entirely. The moon is there and is briefly reflected in the now black water before the waves [...]

Our review of the year

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The year started the way it ended and also the most fun way  for us: with exciting projects. In this way, we were able to continue to support the Elbe-Elster regional seal in 2019 and shape it into a real [...]

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December 23rd, 2019|

The small town is home to the hipsters of the future. If you take a closer look - and talk to people, you can - not only if you, like us, are a city marketing specialist, discover and experience great [...]

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