You know, that you are putting out great work, that your product, your business has a big potential, that you get Goosebumps just from thinking about it, but you’re (still) the only one that feels this way.

If you want safety. A crisis-proof, broadly set up business, that works FOR you, instead of demanding an exhausting amount of work from you.

If you want the results you and your business deserve.

Then Marketing Consulting, Marketing Mentoring, and the support of Wieduwilt Kommunikation presents a very good opportunity for you.

Freedom through Marketing. Freedom our why. Marketing is the tool.

We focus on what we do best: Strategic Marketing. Positioning. Internal and external Communication.

Strategy means planning ahead, having the right answers to future questions as well as communicating them.

Marketing – through broadcasting ideas, projects, products or yourself – always means answers to questions that are asked internally and externally, and it means focus on results.

We work individually, very close to you, as our customer. What do we have in store for you?

You get a partner who will guide you through all stages of the communication process that accompanies, supports and provides you with ideas which will surprise you – and especially your audience. (Positive!) Surprises stick in our memories, have a human touch and are well-liked.

In the end, we decide – no matter what – because we are inspired by people who reflect our values, who touch us emotionally. That’s what we do with our strategies, we make them “emotional”.

Why Wieduwilt Kommunikation?

After almost 20 years of experience we gathered a more in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship, than other agencies.

We know the whole marketing-process of product development, pricing, distribution and advertising from different perspectives and backgrounds: media, positioning, marketing, recommendations, costumer acquisition, campaigns, online-marketing, value-discussions etc.

We never let our clients waste time and money.

We know how to turn challenges into chances, revenue and stability.

Our logo shows a stylized tree. Firmly rooted, down to earth, well-grounded. And at the same time striving towards the sky, full of life and growing with our customers – that is the symbol of our work.