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Marketing for municipalities

Strategies for more visitors,

a better image and happy residents

Recently I walked with a friend through a his hometown. I told him about a trip to a small town I liked very much. He said, yes, THERE it is possible, but here in our city it’s impossible. As he said that, my eyes caught attention of a shop full of small items, including calendars.

I said that I want to go in and buy a calendar. He looked at me wide-eyed and said, “They sell no calendars!” I pointed to the display in the shop window and he was astonished. Even more than that: “I have never been to this shop…”

You know what I mean! Change your perspective and things change. Even in small cities and municipalities. We come to visit you with the outsiders perspective, with our passion for rural areas and our experience in consulting and realization of large communication projects.

For municipalities and municipal institutions, in particular for tourist destinations: We are the ideal partner for strategically meaningful and effective marketing of walking trails/tours and the establishment of large cooperation projects. Here, we measure our success through the sustainability of our ideas, which we develop conceptually and outside the usual box.

What are the benefits for your municipality? A well-running tourism project that makes us superfluous as an agency after its launch. Satisfied residents who are proud of their city/region. People who want to relocate to your city. And people who stay, who get involved because they get what invites them to stay: emotions and close relationships.
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