The year started the way it ended and also the most fun way  for us: with exciting projects. In this way, we were able to continue to support the Elbe-Elster regional seal in 2019 and shape it into a real quality feature for regional products. We would like to thank a great group of committed entrepreneurs from the district in which we are now based (more on that later 😉)!

The “Fürstliche Route” also literally picked up speed this year and gave us two great excursions in May and October, which made the Elbe-Elster region and the Saxon Elbe region, along with its old and partly unknown castles, known to the special target group of motorcyclists.

Our team, which is there for our customers remotely from all over the world, also met twice internationally in 2019 for a team meeting. Once and for the first time ever in Bangkok, the Thai capital. Travel and foreign impressions are among the core values ​​of our team and ensured an incredibly effective creative exchange both there and at the second meeting on Bali, the Indonesian island. We are very grateful,  for the opportunity to pursue our favorite activity even in exotic continents, just like at home. We are also thankful for the great, focused work we could get done in those places.

It continued just as hard in our homeland. Jana Wieduwilt ceremoniously opened the Paul-Gerhardt-Weg together with the clients. We are very proud of the great feedback that we received from this project. With a lot of gratitude, Jana was also able to present the route and the accompanying hiking book at the city marketing exchange in Heilbronn.

We would also like to present the impulse-keynote speeches among the “Wirtschaftfrauen”-events (business women), which were great fun from planning to implementating.  Hopefully those speeches will still reach some listeners in the future.

For the first time, we have also reached international customers abroad and other large clients in Germany. Our goal, to make the agency significantly more agile, works: we have relocated the company headquarters to the new coworking space “Meet @ Work” in Bad Liebenwerda and we are super happy here! The entire team continues to develop personally and professionally every day in order to continue to be there for you. The BusinessPilgern concept from Jana Wieduwilt, rethinks strategic marketing in a new way, and also supports the podcast, which appears here regularly. Other advices on marketing such as the Advent calendar and the many blog articles are located here and on

Dear customers, dear friends, dear readers. We wish you a peaceful, merry Christmas and say thank you. All! For a great, educational, trustful, brilliant, high-growth year!