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Short bio:

Jana Wieduwilt is an entrepreneur, podcaster, bestselling author and Business-Pilgrim. Her highest value is freedom. After completing her diploma in economics and engineering she consequently founded her business. At first as a journalist, later in the fields of PR and marketing Jana underwent the highs and lows of business-life. As a single mother of two sons she built up the company, which nowadays employs seven professionals. Wieduwilt Kommunikation works remotely and in the characteristic “how-YOU-like”-style, ever since 2018. Jana Wieduwilt regularly hosts her podcast “Irgendwas mit Marketing”, writes books like the bestselling “Echt Jetzt?!”, acts as a role model for a feminine and free way of working and living and also mentors clients in their marketing.

Some example questions for Jana:

  1. How do you define freedom?
  2. What is your advice for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?
  3. What is authentic marketing?

Facts about Jana:

  • I go walking without glasses, because I like the gradients of color.
  • I once started to learn hotel business.
  • I love to eat mashed potatoes with cucumber salad and fried eggs.
  • As a child, I wanted to become a american indian, with their mystic ways and their traditional headdresses.
  • If I encounter a question, I call together my thought-advisors: Winnetou, Jesus, Steve Jobs and my Grandma.
  • I love to sit in cafés and write or just listen to other guests.
  • The smell of the Berlin U-Bahn and the ferro-alloy plant gives me a feeling of home.

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Wieduwilt Kommunikation
Markt 27
Bad Liebenwerda
Telefon: 035341 374806

Wieduwilt Kommunikation
Markt 27
Bad Liebenwerda
Telefon: 035341 374806