My Paul Gerhardt Trail

Our passion is pilgrimage on the road. It was a dreamlike constellation when Wieduwilt Kommunikation was chosen to take care of the marketing concept for the "Paul-Gerhardt-Weg", a unique hiking trail between Berlin and the Spreewald. Its main element is [...]

Motorbike Route Fürstliche Route

Castles and noblemen, dreamlike landscapes between Spreewald and Dresden - The connecting element? The motorbike. "Die Fürstliche Route" fills a white touristic spot on the map and is a new motorbike route worth discovering. Something new also needs to [...]

Regional Label Elbe-Elster

The Elbe-Elster region is characterized by agriculture. A large number of small producers produce food, special crafts and special products here. A regional label was created and Wieduwilt Kommunikation was chosen to accompany the marketing with a variety of [...]

Luther Pass

Searching for traces in three states - A very special project was launched on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation - the Luther Pass. Wieduwilt Kommunikation was responsible for the concept and project management. With informative [...]

Saxon Brandenburg

Rediscovering the small area between Saxony and Brandenburg for a young audience was a challenge that Wieduwilt Kommunikation willingly took on. Besides being responsible for project management and PR, we developed an appealing new logo, a strong claim and [...]

Haus Leben

The aim of this special project was the adequate presentation of the HausLeben initiative, which cares for cancer patients. Wieduwilt Kommunikation was responsible for the strategic marketing planning, creation of a new corporate identity with logo, design & programming [...]

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