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Mentoring and Consulting

See perspectives, change opportunities for growth,
Generate long-term income ideas.

Consulting 1: 1 or in groups, lectures or seminars.

It’s about MORE. Safety. Income. Time. Freedom. The instrument for this is marketing. Some would say advertising, but that is not enough.

Marketing includes communication, sales, product design as well as pricing. Marketing includes positioning, target group analysis and concrete action steps. Why? No sales without marketing, no revenue without sales, no profit without revenue and therefore no company.

You can experience this: in the various 1: 1 mentoring programs, in live group seminars, in online courses, in our Walking-Mentoring or during lectures.

Subjects? You decide: Whatever challenge you face when it comes to sales, customers, marketing and advertising.

The press should write more. Or write more about what your business, your city, your region really stands for. Do you need social media or not? How exactly can we develop our positioning, our unique selling proposition? How can it be realized? Use a specialist for all that and delegate the tasks.

Our seminars and workshops are entertaining, very practical and sustainable. You receive and recognize valuable impulses to make your marketing, your advertising, your communication internally and externally even more effective, better, more emotional and sales-promoting.

There is no Olympic champion, no top athlete who is not accompanied by a trainer or coach. A coach who is always at your side and assists, who has the experience and is there in the right moment to pave the way with the help of a qualified strategy to the podium.

Benefit from the dramaturgy of success, use the GROOF-method for exceptional growth and significant increase in sales, the Walking-Mentoring, the marketing workout from the Wieduwilt Growth-Institute as a guarantee for the success that your company deserves. The team around Jana Wieduwilt is always working on new marketing ideas and has an immense knowledge advantage.

Our experience of almost 20 years in business is reflected in a wide range of accompanied companies from a wide variety of industries, which we were and are allowed to lead on the road to success. A total of more than 270 marketing projects in various industries with major challenges are the source of a huge pool of marketing ideas. You will learn to do it yourself and understand the mechanisms that underlie systematic marketing success.

Wieduwilt Kommunikation – that means support, strategy, encouragement and a whole bunch of tried-and-tested marketing strategies that help you expand, secure your existence in the long term and open up other profitable sources of income. Authentic to visible success.

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