Seven arguments why your (small) city has a competitive advantage over the big cities!

Does the small town have a future? Is the rural area shrinking? Will everyone live in megacities in 30 years? I am tired of reading studies that prove all of this. And I am convinced that the scientists who find out are all doing an excellent job.

But I am also convinced that we all, everyone who lives and works in small towns,  can contribute to give our city an absolutely gigantic future.

I will tell you why:

The first and most important reason is:

  1. Big cities are just like small ones – everything is just closer together. Be honest if you live in Berlin, Frankfurt / Main or Hamburg. WHERE exactly are you moving? Right, apart from your work, you move in your neighborhood. In your neighborhood. You’re not telling another Berliner: I’m from Berlin. But you say: I come from Prenzlauer Berg or Weissensee or Charlottenburg. The neighborhood. Here you go shopping, walk the dog and possibly go with your children to the playground. Why does it work that way? People like to feel safe. You feel safe when you know the paths and occasionally meet people you’ve already seen in a big city.

But back to the little towns –

  1. It can be proven, that many of those who now run large companies in cities, those who have careers and are very successful as entrepreneurs, artists or managers, grew up in small towns or in the countryside. Apparently the small town offers the protected space that children need to experiment so much that they become extremely successful. It also seems to be the case – at least that is my perception, that the non-permanent availability of cultural or other forms of diversion in the country means that people in the country do more with one another. This tends to ensure a high level of social competence.
  2. You know each other in small towns. Some people call it social control. Others call it community. It is not without reason that the many online communities are developing as quick as mushrooms on wet dirt. Membership, unity! Of course, this does not necessarily have to happen in the spatial boundaries of cities, but the desire for belonging serves small cities clearly better.
  3. Small towns sometimes shrink. Why not see shrinking as an opportunity if it is done with a plan. I only say: Schwedt / Oder. Ingenious development through systematic shrinking. Because when shrinking is announced, you / city can get rid of the unhealthy, unsightly parts.
  4. Growth doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with MORE. Growth can also happen in terms of quality!
  5. Small towns also have Internet. The future of work will change. It is already changing. Wieduwilt Kommunikation also works regardless of location. We need the Internet and a computer. Nothing more. This is also the future of work – so commuting will soon be eliminated in many industries. A great opportunity for small towns.
  6. There is plenty of space in the country. In cities, rents are rising so explosively that it will soon (no longer) be possible to find reasonable housing. There is space in the country. For alternative forms of living, for new transport concepts such as autonomous driving, for new working methods such as CoWorking and much more!

With this in mind, we ask you small towns: Be confident and put the studies aside. Pretend you don’t know and promote your small towns as they deserve. You can find seven arguments above!