Mentoring … what? Walking? What does that mean? Exactly that: Walking-Mentoring, with Jana Wieduwilt, your Marketing-Mentor.

Not many people understand entrepreneurs like Jana Wieduwilt. Almost 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur herself, profound knowledge in all aspects, all processes that belong to marketing: media, positioning, marketing, recommendations, costumer acquisition, campaigns, online-marketing, value-discussions etc. AND: experience from supporting and accompanying over 270 businesses.

It is like walking towards your success. Outside. You walk the first steps alongside your marketing-mentor. We talk about marketing. It is unusual, to do that outside the office. Everybody else develops their marketing strategy inside meeting rooms.


But you are not like everyone. You are something special. Your business is something special and you want outstanding results. This requires special perspectives you will NOT find in your usual environment.

It is about something with marketing. Why?

No marketing, no clients. No clients, no revenue. No revenue, no long-term success of your business.

The right strategy lets your business be stable and futureproof. You have clients like to use your product, pay a reasonable amount of money, and stay loyal. If you are starting or venturing into new markets, we discuss the perfect strategy. If you already have a strong costumer-base, which doesn’t buy as often as you wish, we talk about how you activate the potential of existing customers. Outstanding! We talk about, how you can create recommendations systematically and half your cost for advertising.

When we arrive at our pilgrimage-goal for the day, you will find at least two solutions for the following topics in your backpack:

  • You will know the purpose of your work. Your own “why”.
  • Your brand and positioning will be worked out and you will know the communication-strategy for that.
  • You will know your target audience.
  • You will know what your products precisely are and how your customers can benefit from them.
  • You will know how to setup your price – and how you show your clients the value behind that.
  • You will know what separates you from the competition, what your strengths are and your USP.
  • You will learn a broad spectrum of ideas and methods for advertising, communication (online and offline).
  • You will know more methods and ways than you know now, to attract your desired clients. Easy, smart and natural.
  • You will know a selection of various business models to create new income streams.
  • You will know exactly what to do in order to lead your business safely into the future.
  • You will know critical points of your business, that will lead to more profit.
  • You will stop to work for your business. Instead, you will let your business work for you.

How does that work?

You contact Jana Wieduwilt for a conversation. Free and non-committal obviously. Here we talk about your challenges and goals from the Walking-Mentoring. We setup the criteria, to later evaluate the session at the end of the day. You decide for outstanding results, pay, and we find a place and time for the Walking-Mentoring.

We start for our 4-6h journey, then we’ll have a final conversation. And now you are outstanding. The success will follow, guaranteed.

By the way: With us you receive a guarantee of success. You get back 100% of your investment, if the previously agreed criteria are not fulfilled and you mention it 14 day after the session.


Pilgrimages can be really hard, an adventure, exciting and exhausting. You will cross mountains and overcome lonely routes. You are in nature. You see the commonplace-stuff (in your environment and your business) with a new set of eyes.

The Walking-Mentoring takes place on one day, after that you get back to your everyday life. You are different then before. Full of ideas, energetic and confident.

Which people are suitable for Walking-Mentoring?

Walking-Mentoring fits for all entrepreneurs and decisionmakers, that want to achieve their goal with the help of marketing. If you and your business are something special, then it is suitable for you! If you are ready to invest in yourself, start walking and change your perspective, then it is suitable for you.

Where can you book the Walking-Mentoring?

Just write an email to Jana Wieduwilt, shortly describe the reason you want to go walking with Jana and you will receive an invitation for a personal conversation:

Thomas Reich, The REICH Method – Your personal best shape

The Business pilgrim technique opens your eyes to things you have never seen before. Connected to you, your environment, and your business. That is Thomas Reich’s statement. He is one of the best coaches in Germany and he helps his customers to get into their personal best form in a unique and very sustainable way. Thomas Reich describes his experience while being on a business pilgrimage with Jana Wieduwilt in this short video.

Many thanks to Bettina Hielscher for this wonderful assessment of a pilgrimage in Löwenstein (Baden-Württemberg):

“Pilgrimage with Jana was very enriching for me. I felt very comfortable with her and we got into conversation easily. The longer we hiked, the deeper the topics became. Automatically, more and more thoughts came to light, even those who exposed my insecurities, doubts and fears which I have on my way. Jana listened openly and asked questions, gave breaks, gave valuable impulses and asked questions that made me think. She encouraged me where I thought I was standing on shaky ground and stood by as a guide for myself, showing me the way, when I lost my orientation. The assessment defused my thoughts and showed me new perspectives. She shared her own story so that I could learn from her experiences ,

I met a down-to-earth, warm and loving woman who walks her way in an impressive way. Jana accompanied me part of my way – in the truest sense of the word – and encouraged and inspired me to go on my own way again. I highly recommend a pilgrimage with her!

Thank you very much for that!”

“Hello, dear Jana,

I would like to thank you again very, very much, for this wonderful time that we had together. Maybe you noticed that in the end I was really knocked out in the end. That must have been due to the fresh air or all the input from our conversations, I don’t know …

In any case, I would also like to thank you very much for the scallop. I don’t think it my joy about it came across as much as intended to.  It has already found a place, in the bedroom: I always see it in the evening as the last thing when I go to sleep, and early in the morning when I get up, I always see it first. Yes, I thought that it is quite perfectly placed right there. The desire …. to really stick with it is big, it serves as a reminder not to let myself be put off my course.

I would like to tell you that and wish you a wonderful evening, be well.”


“My time, my pilgrimage with Jana, inspired me a lot. We started early morning in a beautiful place, the Bremen Citizens’ Park, and we didn’t even know where we would end up. We enjoyed with all our senses, with morning mist, bright sunshine, delicious fish sandwiches, and an incredible number of beautiful, deep, and real conversations. Clarity emerged in the conversation, it was very emotional, and things came to light that hadn’t even been saying before the pilgrimage: I would like to have this very gladly every day.

The energy that flows during the pilgrimage, especially with Jana, who always finds the right words with her very down-to-earth, calm, empathic, genuine, warm, and above all very loving personality. And she especially finds the right silence when it is time to keep silent.

Thank you very much, dear Jana, for the very enriching morning with you. It gave me a lot of joy,  a lot of clarity and, above all, it showed me how important it is to pause during the day, to go inside myself and to allow myself to take time out of my schedule, for myself, every day.  I wish you all the best, good luck form all my heart, your Bettina ”