Four steps to find your inner peace

My inner peace is directly related to my work, to fully embrace myself I need to be independent. Being independent does not just mean being self-employed, it also means having the freedom of choosing my own schedule and location to work on my projects. Once I understood those needs, I immediately started changing my environment. The company left the office, which always kept me from reaching my full potential. We developed a plan to enable our team to work form any place in the world, at any given time, as long as they have their computer, power and WIFI.
Those steps were adjusted to my personal needs of traveling, independence, lifestyle, hiking and convenience. Once I provided this environment to myself, it helped me to perform at a 100% of my potential. Offcourse I know that every person has different needs and wants to perform at their healthiest and best.

Here are my four advices to reach your inner peace:

  1. Find out your biggest driver, what gives you power and energy?
  2. Use your own thoughts, do not be distracted by things people expect you to have or others would do. Be you! What would you do if you could do anything you wanted to do? Now?
  3. Who do you want to be, in order to live the way, YOU want to live?
  4. What can you do in order to be that person?

Now the only thing you need to do is following through with those thoughts.

Our company operates the same way, we focus on your needs and the things you really need to reach the right customers for your inner peace. We will take you on our ride and show you a perspective which you might have not seen in a while, because you were to tied down in social expectations and ordinary ways of doing business. Nothing wrong with that. Also, no different than any of your competitors. Be ready to be authentic and real, you might lose some clients, but you will definitely attract the right ones for you. Once people are able to see your real passion, business becomes a lot more fun and your work gets the value it deserves.

I am looking forward to your feedback, do not miss the Chance to visit my social media accounts, named Jana Wieduwilt. Otherwise you can also contact me via E-mail:

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